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Wines & Spirits

By law our off licence area is open from 10am – 10pm and we carry a large selection of chilled wines, beers and ciders as well as a range of the Cairngorm Brewery Products which are brewed  within a stone’s throw of our shop, so you can sample the product and then go and see it being brewed.  

Depending on when you visit the area you may well be lucky and be here with the Cairngorm Brewery will be doing “in-store” tastings for us.

We also have a large selection of red wines which we like to keep changing and indeed we do this with all our wines in order that we have a large and varied selection for our customers.

Our beer range covers the globe almost and I’m sure there will be something there that will suit everyone’s palate, it just may take a few samplings to find the one that suits best!!

We have a large range of Wine, Spirit and beer available